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Can Clear Quartz Be In The Sun? (Full Guide)

Clear quartz is the perfect stone for those only just starting their crystal collection. It is a universal stone, meaning anyone can benefit from working with this crystal. However, just like any other crystal, clear quartz does have some requirements you need to follow, to make sure it keeps its beautiful healing qualities. Today we will answer the questions whether it is safe to leave your clear quartz in the sun, as well as other (safe) methods of charging your crystal. 

Clear quartz cannot be in the sun. The sunlight causes the stone to become brittle and break. Better ways to charge clear quartz are by burying it, moonlight, or using selenite.

Continue reading if you want to know more about why clear quartz is better left out of the sun, as well as the alternative methods of cleansing and recharging. At the bottom of this page you’ll find a quick overview of the clear quartz traits, such as element, chakra, zodiac, and benefits.

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Can Clear Quartz Be In The Sun? (Explained)

You’ll sometimes hear people say that clear quartz, just like selenite, is self-cleansing and does not need to be recharged. Though it is true you can use these crystals to charge other stones, I personally like to take care of my clear quartz, just like I would with any of my other crystals. I find it simply does not feel the same when I don’t charge it regularly. After all, our crystals store the energies of their environment and overtime, the negative energy can build up and positive energy gets depleted. Still, sit with the crystal and use your own judgement to determine whether it should be charged.

If you choose to charge your clear quartz, it is better to choose methods that do not involve sunlight.  If you leave this crystal out in the sun for more than 2 hours, it is likely to become brittle and break.  

As clear quartz is a type of quartz, it is sensitive to the UV light from the sun. This influences the integrity of the stone. However, how fast this happens differs per clear quartz crystal. Some will be fine when left in the sun for a little bit, whereas others will only break after a significantly longer time.  Unfortunately, you will only know when it is already too late. Therefore, I personally keep my stone out of the sun altogether.

Luckily, the vibrations don’t change if your stone breaks. If you (accidentally) leave your stone in the sun, and you’re left with two smaller stones rather than one big one, it will still be just as useful as it was before.

Also, please be aware the clear quartz can heat up in the sunlight and can turn into a fire hazard if you keep it near anything flammable, like paper or wood. Be careful when you pick it up too, so you don’t burn your fingers.

If you still choose to charge your clear quartz using sunlight, leave it behind a window. Glass filters out most of the UV light, decreasing the chances of your stone breaking. For this same reason, your clear quartz will most likely be fine as long as you keep it inside.

When wearing the stone, you might be better off wearing it during cloudier days, or when you know you’ll be inside for most of the day. If this is not possible, I would at least avoid wearing it whilst sunbathing. This also stops you from having strange tan lines, which is a bonus. ????

Clear quartz earrings

If you want to keep clear quartz out of the sun, like I do, there are plenty of other methods you can use to charge the crystal without it shattering. I’ll describe some of them below. 

How Long Should I Leave My Clear Quartz In The Sun?

Ideally you would avoid sun all together. If you choose to charge you clear quartz in the sun anyway, never leave it for more than 2 hours. This will (hopefully) keep the chances of it breaking as low as possible.

You could also choose to charge your clear quartz in the morning sun, rather than midday. This is a lot gentler, which makes your stone less likely to break

Again, there are many other ways to charge your clear quartz that protect the stone.

Other Ways To Charge Clear Quartz

Just like any other crystal, clear quartz needs to be charged. Whereas many stones can be charged in sunlight, this is not recommended for clear quartz. Better options are either moonlight, soil, or selenite.

Before charging it, make sure your clear quartz is already cleansed. This makes sure you have removed all the negative vibrations, before charging it with positive energy. If you want to know more about cleansing your stone, you can scroll down to the bottom of this page.


This is my personal favorite way of charging crystals in general, as it is safe for all types of crystals. Place them outside on the day before, during or after a full moon and let them charge for about 7 hours. Leave them directly on the earth as crystals like to be grounded.

If for whatever reason you prefer to keep your stone inside, you can let it charge on the windowsill. The moon won’t be as powerful here, but it’ll be enough to charge the crystal.  

With clear quartz, you don’t need to be worried about rain – this stone will love the cleansing!

Bury it

This is a good method if your clear quartz feels extremely heavy, for example when you haven’t charged and cleansed it in a while. Soil is perfect in absorbing negative energies whilst also replacing positive ones.

It is also a good idea to mark where you buried the crystal, so you actually know where to dig it back up again. It is really easy to forget where exactly you put the crystal after a few weeks. We don’t want you digging holes in your entire yard, trying to find your stone!

Charging your crystal this way is really simple – just bury it. To help the process, you might want to set an intention. When you think it’s ready (after a few days, weeks or even months) you can dig it back up. You can use some water to clean the dirt off & it’s ready to be used again.

Again, don’t worry about rain making the ground wet – clear quartz isn’t bothered by water at all.


Some crystals are so powerful and full of light that they can be used to charge other stones. Selenite is one of those crystals.

selenite sage palo santo

I love this method because it is incredibly simple. All you have to do is leave your clear quartz on some Selenite.
Selenite plates are ideal, but if you’re just using a stone, make sure it’s bigger than the clear quartz that you’re wanting to charge. Leave it for about 24 hours and your stone is ready to be used again.

How To Cleanse Clear Quartz

Charging is done to give your crystal new positive energy, but you first need to remove the negative energy. This is where cleansing your clear quartz is helpful.

Whereas I personally charge my crystals once a month during a full moon, I cleanse the stones I regularly use every week.

Apart from the weekly cleanse, it is also a good idea to cleanse your clear quartz after you first get it. This is to remove the energies of all the other people that have handled the crystal before it found you. After all, you don’t want their energy to get mixed with yours.

Smoke Cleansing

Let’s start with one of the easiest methods: smoke cleansing. It is safe for all crystals and doesn’t require trips to the ocean.

Smoke cleansing is generally used to cleanse a person’s energy field, rooms or objects (like crystals!). It effectively removes negative energy and leaves you with a nice clean space or crystal.

For smoke cleansing you need herbs of your choice. Simply light them and blow out the fire. Then, take a deep breath and state your intention out loud. Now you can waft the smoke over the crystals you want to cleanse, or lift the crystals over the smoke for however long you feel like.

I always recommend opening a window so the smoke can leave the room and take all the negative energies with it. Not only will you stone be nice and clean, but the smoke will also cleanse the room that you’re in!

NOTE: Beware that using the term ‘smudging’ and the practice of burning white sage/palo santo is commonly used in the spiritual community. This is a specific type of smoke cleansing used by Native Americans, and which was illegal up until about 40 years ago. We recommend using a form of smoke cleansing that is appropriate for you and your culture.

Running water

As I mentioned previously, clear quartz isn’t affected by water. Thus, to cleanse this stone, you can just leave it in some running water. If there’s a creek near you, where you can leave it for about an hour, this is ideal. If not, in your sink under a running faucet for a few minutes works perfectly well too.  

The water will wash away the negative energies and leave you with a clean crystal, ready to be recharged. This method works best for polished stones but is not recommended for rough stones or geodes.

Salt water

I am always careful when it comes to using salt on my crystals as it can be very abrasive. As a result, some stones may become dull after using it. However, if you feel like this is the right method for your stone, it is definitely an option.  

Again, natural water is always best so if you can take it from the sea – do it! If not, just regular water with a salt added to it will also do the job. Make sure all the salt is absorbed and then submerge your crystal in it overnight.

Clear Quartz Overview

Chakra: Crown | Aligns all chakras
Element: Earth | Water | Air | Fire
Zodiac: All
Benefits: Healing | Clarity | Calmness

Also called ‘The Universal Stone’, clear quartz is beneficial to everyone and anyone that is attracted to it. As a result, the stone applies to all zodiac signs, elements and chakras.
The stone is really just a burst of energy, which helps heal physical, emotional or mental pain. This is why this crystal is also known as ‘The Master Healer’.  It helps balance your chakra’s and boosts your immune system, whilst filling you with all the positive energy you could ever need.

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