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Amethyst and Rose Quartz – Combination for Anxiety and Love

Understanding how crystals work separately is the first step to incorporating crystal healing into your life. However, the get the most out of them, it is vital to also understand how they work in combination with each other. The right combination can help amplify or strengthen the benefits, whereas the wrong one can cancel out the energies or even work negatively. For amethyst and rose quartz, you’ll find everything you need to know about this combination in this post. In a nutshell;

Rose quartz and amethyst work really well together; whereas amethyst calms the mind, rose quartz will calm the heart. They’ll help you feel a complete sense of relaxation. This combination is perfect when you are going through a break-up or when you feel you need forgiveness. There are many other benefits too.

However, this isn’t everything you need to know about this combination. Below we’ll explain the benefits of these stones separately, how they work together, and how you can use them to help you in your relationships, career, studies, personal life, and spirituality. You’ll also find some other stones that work well with each of these crystals.

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Amethyst and Rose Quartz – Explained

In order to understand how this combination works well together, we first need to understand how they work separately.

NOTE:  Crystals are never a replacement for professional medical help. If you are experiencing issues, always go to a doctor.

Amethyst Benefits

To start, amethyst is incredibly calming, to the point where it is also known as a ‘natural tranquilizer’.  As a result, it is great for those who are prone to experiencing anxiety or who often find themselves in stressful situations. Amethyst is also a great protector and will stop your energy from being drained by other people.

Additionally, amethyst is associated with the crown chakra. This is the energy center located at the top of our head and relates to our spirituality. If you struggle to meditate or ‘see the bigger picture’, amethyst is there for you.

In terms of physical health, amethyst helps with headaches and exhaustion. It can also help fight symptoms of stress, like high blood pressure.

Rose Quartz Benefits

Rose quartz is the stone of absolute, unconditional love and can therefore help you attract more love into your life. It also helps you to give more love too, both to yourself and others.  
This stone is associated with the heart chakra, located in the middle of our chest. As a result, you can use rose quartz to help you heal your heart, for example when you are dealing with grief or when we find we’re holding on to grudges.

For physical health, you can turn to rose quartz when you are experiencing issues with your raspatory system, blood pressure, or immune system.

Amethyst and Rose Quartz Benefits

Clearly, both amethyst and rose quartz are powerful crystals separately. However together, these two amplify each other. They also work together beautifully; whereas amethyst calms the mind, rose quartz will calm the heart. As a result, they’ll help you feel a complete sense of relaxation.

Additionally, this combination will help you to redirect energy toward yourself, instead of outwards. Rose quartz is considered the stone of love, but most importantly it is the stone of self-love. This energy, combined with the spiritual help from amethyst helps you to understand your situation with kindness and truth. You won’t be clouded by self-doubt or negative self-talk.
Consequently, this combination is a perfect one for when you are going through a break-up or when you feel you need forgiveness. Both of these stones have very gentle, nurturing energies, making you feel like you’re receiving a comforting hug.

Lastly, these two crystals make up 2/3 of the golden triangle. The missing crystal is clear quartz, which is known for being the master healer and amplifying other crystals’ energies. The triangle is most commonly used to create a harmonious and relaxed atmosphere.   

For Relationships (Romantic and Platonic)

With rose quartz being the crystal of love, it is unsurprising that it is a wonderful stone to help with relationships, both platonic and romantic. This stone is often used to help attract more love into your life, both from existing and new sources.

Amethyst, however, is equally powerful. This crystal will help you harbor self-love and personal growth, helping you to get ready for a healthy relationship.

In existing relationships, this combination helps to soothe feelings of jealousy, resentment, or anger; leaving room for open and clear communication instead.

Lastly, this combination is a helpful one for when you’re experiencing grief, including breakups. Its comforting energies will make you feel a little calmer through a difficult time and will help you to redirect the energy towards yourself.

For Career and Studies

When thinking about crystals to help with studying and career, amethyst is probably the first one to come to mind. The reason for this is that it is an amazing crystal for focusing the mind and concentration. Amethyst shields you from distractions, while rose quartz helps guide you through periods of stress or unrest. Rose quartz removes self-doubt, and replaces it with kindness instead.

In terms of profession, this combination is perfect for those working in a stressful environment or for those working in fields that require lots of compassion and empathy. Examples are education, the medical field, social workers, or councilors.

For Spiritual and Personal Growth

Amethyst is known for working with the third eye and crown chakra, whereas rose quartz is used to work with the heart chakra. The crown is seen as our connection to the universe (or Spirit/God/The Divine, whichever you feel most comfortable with), while the third eye chakra is related to our intuition. Our heart chakra governs everything to do with love.

All 7 of our chakras are extremely connected – if one is blocked or unbalanced, it is likely some others might end up blocked too. For example, if you struggle with confidence issues (solar plexus), you are unlikely to communicate your needs (throat).

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As a result, we need all chakras to work together. By meditating with these two stones we’re working with the crown, third eye, and heart chakra at the same time. This helps us to evaluate our lives with an open heart and without judgment. It also allows us to identify blockages and the root cause of our issues.

By wearing these stones, or just keeping them close, we are likely to feel calmer. This combination also helps us if we find we are overly judgmental, towards others and ourselves, or have a need for constant reassurance. Lastly, this combination is great for feeling more connected to those around us. If you feel distant from your loved ones, this is the perfect combination for you.

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How To Use Amethyst and Rose Quartz Together

If you’re looking for the right place to put the combination, the answer is anywhere that you feel could do with some peace and harmony. Many like to keep these stones in their living room to help avoid conflict between household members, but you might find a different place that is better for you.

When looking for more connection to your spouse, placing this combination in your bedroom, particularly under your pillow, might be the best option. This is also a good combo if you experience nightmares or insomnia. The soothing, gentle energies of these stones will help you to have a more peaceful rest.

If you decided to wear the crystals, it is always best to wear them on the skin closest to the related chakra. So, for rose quartz, a long necklace that hits the breastbone is best. For amethyst, earrings are your best bet. However, if you have bracelets with the crystals it is best to place them in your receiving hand to allow calmer and love into your life, or in your giving hand if you want to project those energies into the world. Generally, your left is believed to be the receiving hand, whereas the right is the giving hand.

These are also the hands to hold the crystals in if you are meditating with them.

Other Combinations

Apart from amethyst, rose quartz also combines well with moonstone, citrine and green aventurine.
Moonstone and rose quartz allow us to feel deep emotions and awaken psychic abilities. Citrine is the stone of joy and confidence which works wonders with the serenity that rose quartz helps with. Green aventurine and rose quartz are both heart chakra stones, meaning they are perfect for amplifying each other’s energies and getting the most out of these loving stones.  

For amethyst, this is stone is also a great combination with carnelian and lapis lazuli. Carnelian adds a sense of security to the calming energies of rose quartz, whereas lapis lazuli works with the throat chakra to help you communicate your needs.

Additionally, the combination of rose quartz, amethyst, and clear quartz is also called the “golden triangle”. You now know that rose quartz and amethyst make a wonderful combination, and clear quartz amplifies the energies of both of these crystals.

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