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Purpurite Meaning & Properties

Purpurite is a bright purple natural mineral made of manganese phosphate with varying degrees of iron that can turn the stone to include red, brown, and black. Purpurite is sought after for reflection and deep inner connections that can lead to better understanding of your purpose.

In this Purpurite profile, we go through:

  • Purpurite Properties
  • Purpurite Meaning
  • Purpurite Metaphysical Properties (Chakras + Healing Properties)
  • Cleansing, Recharging, and Cleaning
purple purpurite properties

Purpurite Properties

Purpurite is a natural purple-colored mineral that include other colors from brownish black to dark-red and violet.

Purpurite is manganese phosphate with varying degrees of iron that is included based on the source of where the purpurite is formed.

Purpurite Chemical Formula: Mn3+PO4

Purpurite Hardness: 4 to 5 (Mohs scale)

Purpurite Meaning

Purpurite is a stone of enlightenment and higher awareness, with its gorgeous purple sheen that flashes in the light. It helps you gain flashes of insight, opening your receptivity to the messages from spirit and your connection to the higher realms. 

A wonderful tool for both going deep within yourself, and expanding way beyond yourself, purpurite is a stone that connects you to the wisdom of other realms while deepening your connection to the innate wisdom you hold inside you.

It can help you be more receptive during meditation and other spiritual practices, to keep practicing, learning, and growing on your spiritual path, and stay dedicated to it. 

Purpurite also helps keep you safe, grounded, and protected during heightened spiritual practices like astral traveling, lucid dreaming, past life regression, hypnosis, or exploring the Akashic records. Holding purpurite while you practice these things will help you be able to come back into your body, into the present, and integrate the knowledge and lessons you received from your astral adventures.

A soother of worries and anxiety, purpurite’s energy opens you to a higher perspective and awareness of yourself as a small but integral part of a larger whole, helping you see the positivity and beauty in it all.

Purpurite Metaphysical Properties


Purpurite has a beautiful combination as it’s a high vibrational stone with natural grounding energies built-in, offering a balance of peace and protection.

It stimulates and opens the third eye and crown chakras and connects them to the root chakra, fully opening your central channel and allowing the higher energies to flow through your entire system.

This makes it a very uplifting stone to help you out of stress, frustration, and anxiety, lifting you out of material world worries into the wisdom of your intuition and the spirit realm.

Meditate with this stone over your third eye, or lay with it above your head, to feel its activation of your psychic awareness, a heightened perception of your connection to your guides, angels, and ancestors, and a sense of calm relaxation throughout your entire energy body.

Healing Properties

purpurite healing properties


Purpurite is a hopeful and inspiring stone that helps break self-sabotaging behaviors and patterns that have held you back from experiencing peace and joy. It can relieve stress, anxiety, and paranoia, clear disillusionment and dread, and help you gain a sense of faith in yourself from the inside out.

As a high-vibratory stone, it can help you fight compulsions, obsessions, and addictions and release anything in your life that’s inhibiting your sense of freedom and balance. It helps you find more acceptance for yourself, flaws and all, as you stay focused on growth through your spiritual path.


A calming and expansive stone for the mind, purpurite relieves mental anxiety and stress, helping you make the right decisions aligned with your highest nature. It opens you to new ideas, new ways of processing, and new ways to think about your life, helping you gain a wider glass-half-full perspective of things.

It’s also a great stone to help you be clear and honest with your words, tap into your authentic wisdom, and be able to vocalize it, confidently sharing your ideas and opinions with others. In this way, it can be very helpful to reduce fear of public speaking and help your words flow from your higher wisdom.


Purpurite is a blood mover and can be used to treat wounds and bruises, balance blood pressure, and improve pulse rate. It relieves muscle spasms and pain and has a great cleansing effect to help the body release toxins, impurities, and excess, returning to a state of balance.

As a calming and soothing stone, it also can help relieve insomnia, bring restful sleep and encourage meaningful dreams when you sleep with it under your pillow or by your bedside.


Connected to the energy of the violet flame, purpurite brings healing and harmony to the mind and spirit, helping you connect with a sense of acceptance and gratitude for your purpose in this world. It reinforces your dedication to your spiritual journey so you can eventually expand into enlightenment, peace, and bliss.

It increases your spiritual vision and awareness, helping you see your path from a higher perspective, and is protective against psychic attacks and negative attachments, keeping you safe from external influences when in meditation, visualization, or exploring the astral realms.

What is Purpurite Used For?

purple purpurite stone metaphysical properties
  • Understanding your purpose
  • Finding peace, acceptance, and understanding
  • Connecting to your intuition
  • Empowering your psychic senses
  • Aiding meditation, visualization, and astral travel
  • Speaking confidently in public
  • Breaking through limitations
  • Developing faith in yourself
  • Moving forward in your life
  • Overcoming obstacles and inhibitions
  • Releasing fear and attachment
  • Clearing conditioned beliefs and behavior
  • Staying dedicated to your spiritual path

Cleanse & Recharge

Purpurite resonates with the elements of the earth and air, which makes those both great options with which to cleanse it.

You can set your purpurite stone out on the ground overnight to allow it to release all the energy it’s been holding back into the earth, and let the fresh air, stars, and light of the cosmos recharge its magical healing powers back up.

You can also clear its energy with sound, using a crystal or brass sound bowl, gong, tuning fork, or even your favorite instrument if you’re a musician.

You can also leave your purpurite stone to rest on selenite overnight to cleanse and recharge it.

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