Full Guide To Emerald vs. Peridot (This is the Difference)

In order to work with our crystals effectively, we need to understand their properties. With crystals that look similar or have similar uses, such as emerald and peridot it can be difficult to determine which one to work with. The answer should always be; the one that you are drawn to the most. However, if you are looking to find the difference in physical appearance as well as metaphysical properties, you’ll find your answer here.

Continue reading if you want to know more about the (physical) qualities of these stones, as well as how you can use them in your spiritual practice.

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Emerald vs Peridot – How To Tell The Difference?

In order to understand the difference between these two stones, we can look at the color, shape, pattern, clarity, and more. Below we’ll describe all these aspects in detail.

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Chemical Composition

Both stones are silicate minerals belonging to different families. Emeralds are green beryl varieties, while peridot is a variety of olivine. They are also quite different in chemical composition. Emeralds contain three main mineral components, iron, chromium, and vanadium, which are also responsible for their coloration. 


The best quality emerald has a rich, deep green color with a bluish undertone. The bluish hue comes from the presence of chromium and vanadium trace elements. Emeralds can also portray darker shades of color depending on the iron amounts present.

Peridot is only available in green. The gemstone portrays a lustrous and light olive green shade. Its color intensity will, however, differ depending on the amounts of iron present within its chemical composition. Its hues will also vary from a yellowish-green to a light-brown undertone. Peridot displays a brighter green color compared to emeralds.

Peridot, on the other hand, contains magnesium and iron within its composition. It also gets its color from the iron element within it. Another unique attribute of peridot is its dichromatic nature. This means that the stone’s color comes from the minerals in its primary composition. For this reason, peridot gemstones are solely green.

On the other hand, Emeralds get their color from trace elements of other metals within their chemical makeup. Without the impurities, the beryl is colorless. In this case, emeralds are termed allochromatic gemstones. 

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Pattern and Clarity 

Genuine emeralds are naturally flawed. Its glass-like appearance makes it easy for the fractures and inclusions to be seen. They are often prismatic crystals with a hexagonal crystal system. The gemstone also has one direction of imperfect cleavage. An emerald may undergo treatment to improve its appearance and clarity.

Peridot will usually have no visible inclusions. It’s transparent naturally, but can be slightly cloudy due to impurities. The stone will rarely be subjected to treatments; however, the rock can undergo epoxy filling to improve clarity. Polished peridot has a vitreous luster and excellent transparency. It also has a conchoidal fracture and a distinct cleavage.  


Emeralds are slightly harder than peridots. A rating of 7.5 -8 while peridot scores 6.5 – 7 means that it’s durable but not incredibly strong either. Both stones will require care and maintenance for longevity. Emeralds will be suitable for daily wear, while peridot jewelry may be best suited for special occasions.     

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Emeralds should not come in contact with harmful chemicals or acids, nor should they be cleaned with ultrasonic cleaners. The stones are best cleaned using warm water and mild detergent. They are also energy cleansed by rainwater and moonlight, burying them underground or using cleansing crystals.

Similarly, peridots are cleaned at home using warm water and mild soap. The gemstones are quite delicate and hence cannot withstand the fluctuation of temperatures. This means ultrasonic and steam cleaners are not advisable for these stones. Rapid temperature changes caused discoloration and fractures in the peridot. The stone is put under running natural water for energy cleansing and recharge.  


The best emeralds come from Colombia and Zambia, while peridot mines are abundant in Myanmar and Egypt.



Emerald jewelry is worn for wisdom, prosperity, good health, and a blissful marital life. It also boosts the creativity of the wearer. 

Peridot jewelry protects negative entities. It also calms feelings of jealousy and anger by encouraging open-heartedness.


In Feng Shui, both stones invite the wood energies. The wood element is responsible for growth, healing, flexibility, and kindness. Emeralds and peridots can therefore be placed in strategic places of the home or office to cultivate these qualities. 

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Peridot is associated with abundance and ultimate happiness. It is believed to nurture joy, compassion, and harmony in relationships. Its energies also help cultivate self-awareness and mental clarity, leading to prosperity and growth in all areas of life. Peridot is a stone to rely on for courage to renew your life. Physically, the energies of this gemstone are believed to contribute to good health. The stone is believed to assist metabolism, healing, and regeneration of cells and tissues and support the endocrine and adrenal systems. 

Emeralds are associated with love and bliss. The stone opens your mind, body, and heart to divine love, compassion, and balance. The stone will promote better connections in friendships and relationships. Its association with the heart chakra enhances patience, care, and forgiveness. It also reassures the mind and soul, improving hope and peace. In physical healing, emeralds are believed to treat disorders of the heart, spine, lungs, and muscular system. It is also thought to have the power to alleviate diabetes, sinuses, and rheumatism.

Chakra Association 

Both stones are connected to the heart chakra(Anahata). The chakra is located at the center of the spine. The fourth energy point in the chakra system represents forgiveness, empathy, and compassion. It is portrayed in the colors green/pink. The chakra also acts as a bridge between the lower and upper chakras.

Alignment within this chakra encourages healthy relationships, boundaries, and a better connection with the world around you. A balanced heart chakra will improve self-love, awareness, and the ability to give and receive love. It also allows us to see the world from a positive perspective and feel more joy, compassion, and empathy towards others. 

Emeralds and peridots are used to stimulate and activate the heart chakra. They can also balance emotions and acknowledge and release bitter emotions.  


Zodiac Association

Emeralds are considered the traditional birthstone for May. This means it is one of the official birthstones for the Taurus zodiac sign. Taurus is an earth sign, therefore very persistent and dependable. They can also be realistic and rigid to an unhealthy degree. An emerald will work by amplifying the natural positive attributes in the Taurus while eliminating the toxic habits. 

Peridot is the modern birthstone for August. It resonates best with the Leo zodiac sign. The stone works as a talisman for good health, harmony, and peace for this zodiac sign. Leo’s also susceptible to anger. The peridot calms irritation, encourages compassion, and protects the wearer from negative entities.

Element Association

Both stones are connected to the earth element. The earth element signifies growth, fertility, stability, and foundation. It is represented as black, green, brown, or yellow. The elements’ energies are found within the root chakra. It is associated with attributes like responsibility, dependability, and stubbornness. A balanced earth element brings safety and security with decision-making, friendships, and relationships. Emeralds and peridots can be used to connect and activate our earth element. The two are also effective in manifesting abundance and prosperity. Paired with any grounding stone, the two will be great in grounding and stabilizing emotions when you feel all over the place. 

Ruling Planet 

Mercury rules emeralds. This planet governs speech, communication, intellect, and reasoning. It also controls the skin, digestive, and nervous systems. A malefic Mercury will be characterized by intelligence, speech, and voice problems. Its influence on our personality determines our interest in learning, communication styles, thinking patterns, and how we interact with information. Emeralds and peridot will bring Mercury’s powers into its bearer’s life. 

Peridot is co-ruled by Mercury and Venus. This suggests that it is a viable substitute for emerald for astrological purposes. Venus rules fertility, sex, beauty, and love. A strong Venus placement in your birth chart brings comfort, harmony, and better relationships with everyone. The planet also governs our pleasures, value, and our relationships with money and other people. Its association with love also generates self-worth and a better relationship with finances. Peridot can be used to bring much-needed grounding and stability to people ruled by Venus.   

Numerical Vibration

Emeralds vibrate at the frequencies of 4. The number resonates with attributes like practicality, responsibility, and organization. In numerology, the number is associated with stability, determination, hard work, and order. It is also used to represent the four major elements of nature. It’s not considered a lucky psychic number because it brings a lot of hassle. Stones and crystals of this vibration are best used for grounding and stability.

Peridot, on the other hand, vibrates at 6. The number represents domestic happiness, stability, and family. According to the Christian religion, it is also the number of perfection and completion. Its energies encourage kindness, empathy, and service to others, representing Venus in astrology. People who resonate with the number are charming, social, trustworthy, and dependable. Peridot can be used to nurture these positive attributes that the number possesses.

Best Combination

Emeralds can be paired with citrine to manifest love and passion. They also pair well to nurture and promote healthy and successful relationships.  

 Emeralds also work well with rubies for the heart chakra. The two facilitate the activation and opening of the chakra to allow for a good flow of energies. The pair will stabilize and enable you to be open to giving and receiving. This is a critical step towards manifestation and tapping into abundance. 

Peridot is effectively paired with garnet to improve confidence and self–awareness. The stone can also be used with clear quartz for grounding and restoring the mind and soul. 

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