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Carnelian and Tiger’s Eye To Improve Romance & Courage

Understanding how crystals work separately is the first step to incorporating crystal healing into your life. However, to get the most out of them, it is vital to also understand how they work in combination with each other, too. The right combination can help amplify or strengthen the benefits, whereas the wrong one can cancel out the energies or even work negatively. For carnelian and tiger’s eye, you’ll find everything you need to know about this combination in this post. In short;

Carnelian gemstone is commonly used in therapy as it calms emotions, especially frustration, depression, and anger. It also stimulates the healing of the heart chakra and thus promotes passion in relationships. Tiger’s eye, on the other hand, is a courageous stone as it boosts confidence and is also great for warding off negative energies. This combination blends in to enhance bravery, romance, and grounding properties.

Curious about what these stones can do for your relationships, career, and personal growth? Continue reading! I’ll also give you some other combinations for each of these stones in case this combination is not what you’re looking for.

Note: Crystals are never a replacement for professional medical help. If you are experiencing issues, always go to a doctor.

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Carnelian Benefits

fire element

This gemstone has very high energizing power as it belongs to the fire element, and thus it can solve many life problems. Its ability to spark energy enables you to remain motivated, inspired, and focused on achieving your goals and desires.

This energy helps you to feel empowered and confident at all times. It ignites your inner fire, ensuring that you can keep everything under control and giving you the ability to work under pressure. This gem lines up with the sacral chakra, which is responsible for creativity, and therefore, through it, creativity is inspired.

The sacral chakra removes all blocks that make you feel uninspired, unmotivated, and lazy. As a result, of its association with the sacral chakra, the carnelian produces sexual energies which improve sexual relationships between partners.

Moreover, the carnelian is a stone of protection and vitality. Therefore, it helps you to become courageous. It’s known for its ability to bring out inner strengths and gifts. 

Tiger’s Eye Benefits

Like the carnelian gemstone, the tiger’s eye is a fire element. It enables you to see the world positively and brightens up all situations, no matter how bad they seem in a normal situation. It is also a helpful stone for boosting confidence and helps you to work hard towards your goals. It motivates you not to give up by providing endless opportunities to reach your full potential.

Being both a fire and earth element, it can bring about balance on matters of love, spiritual being, and work. Physiologically, this gemstone is believed to help balance the endocrine system. It ensures all the hormones are in good condition so that there is a softer sex drive and a high rate of metabolism.

It also works great with people who often suffer from seasonal depression. It clears negative thoughts due to its alignment with the root chakra. Therefore, the gemstone ensures that you remain strong, confident, and motivated by blocking all the negative energies of anxiety, depression, fear, and the state of being uninspired. 

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Carnelian and Tiger’s Eye Benefits

The two crystals have warm energies that blend properly, amplifying their benefits and healing properties. This pair produces vibrations that ensure that you remain inspired and creative. Therefore, the pair is highly recommended to people who want to stimulate creative thinking.

These energies combined take away the fear of trying new things, traveling to new places, and accepting change. This makes you courageous enough to take risks and accept results, whether they come in positively or negatively. This pair gives you power, stamina, and motivation to do a job perfectly.

For Relationships (Romantic and Platonic)

The pair works great for relationships. Its combined energies help you to gain confidence which is a great tool for improving relationship status. It also opens up communication in that the couple can freely discuss any other emotional ties and financial difficulties or successes.

Moreover, it stimulates sexual energies and strengthens the female organs, which makes the partners more intimate and understand each other better as it facilitates an internal balance. With this pair of gems, the couple can share the limited flow of energy or vitality, especially if one of the partners feels unwell. The pair works to reduce arguments and fights as their energies can channel frustration into gratitude. 

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For Career and Studies

Sometimes, it sounds fun to sit and do nothing. Still, the pair’s energy continuously pushes you to carry out activities and be fruitful, pursuing success in your career, work, and studies. The pair makes you feel an intense interest in life goals and thus keeps you motivated and inspired to keep working on them.

The combination removes all the negative energy that could lead to reduced focus or shifting of concentration, such as stress, tension, and anxiety. It boosts your self-confidence, ensuring that you completely trust yourself and set realistic expectations, communicate better, and enables you to handle criticism politely after eliminating negative thoughts, and positive energy channels in promoting inner strength.

This combination fits perfectly for demanding careers like law, medicine, and engineering. 

For Spiritual and Personal Growth

The pair is made up of grounding crystals that provide you with spiritual balance and stability. It deepens your levels of consciousness which helps you make sound decisions. Moreover, the pair is associated with the root chakra, which is responsible for offering security and safety as it is the body’s foundation.

The pair installs courage which makes you confident enough to follow your dreams no matter the odds. In difficult times, the pair will provide you with a sound solution. Despite attracting success into one’s life, it makes you famous in your work or career.

The pair works great for people who want to have self-love, confidence, and complete trust in themselves. 

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How to use Carnelian and Tiger’s Eye Together?


The pair is commonly used in productions of pendants, necklaces, rings, and earrings. Formerly, the carnelian was used to make amulets for kings. When one wears jewelry made of these gems, vibrations can easily transmute from the crystal to the body chakras through the skin with little or no obstacles.

These vibrations promote enthusiasm, courage, mental clarity, and protection against negativity. The carnelian bracelets produce different energies when worn in different hands.

When worn on the right hand, it manifests confidence, sensuality, and courage, but while worn on the left wrist, it attracts wealth, prosperity, and love. Tiger’s eye, on the other hand, is said to produce positive energy and bring about luck when worn on the left hand by women.


The pair is of great use while used during meditation. This is because it enhances the stability of the mind by clearing all the unwanted thoughts making you focus on the positive energy. This ensures that you remain emotionally stable. The pair also can pass through blocks, unblocking them.

When the pair is used for meditation, it enables you to boost your self-esteem and awakens your inner energy. It also makes you realize what your inner gifts and strengths are. This allows you to understand what your talents are in a better way and also ways to make and retain true friends.

Due to its alignment with the sacral chakra, the pair is used as a powerful tool in healing past traumas and diseases. It will also help you meditate on the positive side of life instead of continuously focusing on the negative. This enables us to relax deeply, which is great for recharging the body.

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Feng Shui

These stones are best placed in your office or working area because of their ability to bring the drive and determination required to achieve anything. The pair will also do well for the sacral chakra for increased sensuality. At the entrance, the stones will eliminate negative energies.

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Other Combinations

If you’re looking for something different, have a look at the combinations below. I’ve likely written about each combination already, so make sure to use the search bar at the top of this page to find more information.

Carnelian and Rose Quartz

The pair is highly recommended if you try to work out a relationship or get over a breakup. It is also used to boost self-confidence and self-love. The carnelian is associated with the sacral chakra, which rules over sexuality. This gives the couple strong sexual desires and boosts their libido, strengthening the intimacy between the partners involved.

On the other hand, rose quartz stimulates the heart chakra, which produces high vibrations for self-love and love for those around you. This helps you to show love to your partner by treating them right. However, when dealing with a difficult breakup, the pair is helpful.

The rose quartz will help you deal with the painful emotions when needed, while the carnelian will remind you of how important you still are and all the things you love to do. The pair boost your self-confidence and encourage you to prioritize your happiness and thus lead a normal life.

Citrine and Carnelian

The pair opens up the sacral chakra, which works in unleashing self-esteem and personal empowerment. This enables you to unlock all the potential within yourself and remove all the self-limiting beliefs build up in your head. Its energies ensure that you are only focused on what brings you happiness and success in your life.

With this pair, you will learn to take responsibility for everything in your life and trust your divination. With a raised self-confidence, the pair helps you develop a positive attitude, thus achieving positive results.

Tiger’s Eye and Pyrite

The pair produces a high vibrational frequency for wealth, abundance and prosperity. It works to remove mindsets that make you feel like you are not enough and make you struggle to try to achieve goals. This enhances your thoughts to shift from negative thinking to a positive mind. It also makes you successful in all businesses or works you get involved with and thus results in richness. 

Tiger’s Eye and Lapis Lazuli

The pair encourages self-expression. It encourages people to embrace themselves for who they are and improve themselves to be the best they can be. It helps you learn how to communicate your feelings from a personal level from the heart healthily and acceptably. The pair encourages individuality and self-love.

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