Full Guide To Ammolite vs. Ammonite (This is the Difference)

In order to work with our crystals effectively, we need to understand their properties. With crystals that look similar or have similar uses, such as ammolite vs. ammonite it can be difficult to determine which one to work with. The answer should always be; the one that you are drawn to the most. However, if you are looking to find the difference in physical appearance as well as metaphysical properties, you’ll find your answer here.

Continue reading if you want to know more about the (physical) qualities of these stones, as well as how you can use them in your spiritual practice.

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Ammolite vs Ammonite – How To Tell The Difference?

In order to understand the difference between these two stones, we can look at the color, shape, pattern, clarity, and more. Below we’ll describe all these aspects in detail. 

Chemical Composition

Both gemstones have aragonite majorly in their chemical composition. However, they are made up of other variables., such as calcite, pyrite, and silica minerals. The shells may contain traces of elements such as chromium, iron, copper, aluminum, barium, vanadium, and others.

Ammolite gemstones are believed to come from fossilized shells of ammonite. Ammolite gemstone was formed as a result of fossilized ammonite. For an ammonite to become an ammolite, it has to be stored under waters with no oxygen and heat.


Ammolite varies in color. Some of its colors are found to be more variable than others. It is usually blue, red, yellow, orange, indigo, violet, green, and blue. Most ammolite gemstones are usually green and red. Typically, violet ammolite gemstones are usually very rare to find. The trespassing of light causes the color difference in ammonites through the thin layers of aragonite which are made up of very thin platelets. Ammonites, on the other hand, are usually gray and brown.

Moreover, some gemstones appear bluish or green. Its green color is caused by a mineral known as glauconite. When the green gemstone is exposed to agents such as erosion and weathering, this mineral stimulates the change of the green color to yellow, orange, or brown. 

Pattern and Clarity

Ammolite has a transparent to translucent gem layer, which is usually thin at about 1 mm. It is graded into four types which are AAA, AA, A, and standard. These grades are based on brightness and brilliance, color, and simplicity.

Ammonite has a translucent shell known as yellow calcite. Light is backed up, making this gemstone glow. Ammolite has a crystal structure known as orthorhombic. The ammonite has straight and long shells with a helix shape.


Both ammolites and ammonites are soft gemstones that record a hardness of 3.5 – 4.0 on the Mohs scale. Due to their soft nature, they are both prone to flaking, cracking, and breaking, especially if they are mishandled.


The best method used to clean the ammolites is by use of warm, sudsy water and a soft piece of cloth or microfiber. Ammonites are also cleaned with lukewarm water and soap. For both gemstones, cleaning agents, ultrasonic and steam cleaners should be avoided.

Moreover, these gemstones should be stored separately to minimize scratching from other gemstones with a higher hardness. They should also be stored in a relatively cool place with no chemicals, as water and chemicals tarnish their color. 

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Alberta, a province in Canada, is the only place in the world with commercial ammolite, which suggests that ammonite also comes from this region.



Both gemstones are used for meditation. They facilitate your dynamic stability and hence deepen your thoughts. This gives you the ability to balance your feelings and thoughts. They also relieve trauma, making you increase your self-esteem and stamina. Its help in meditation helps to lighten depression, pain, and distress.

Home and office

They are both believed to keep the energy of any place constantly flowing. This inhibits stagnancy in that you can work continually to get good results. It kills boredom to work in the office or carry on with house chores. As a result, you continue to prosper in your line of duty. It is also a vital rock that takes away negativity in your mind and surrounding, enhancing positive energy, which enables you to lead a happy life.

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The two gemstones have almost similar healing properties, as they work to enhance personal awakening and are connected to divinity and the spiritual world. The ammonite shells are believed to have absorbed cosmic energies from the forces of the earth, and therefore they help you to interconnect with your environment.

They are also thought to help you overcome traumas, fear, depression, and various sicknesses as they have very protective energies. These gemstones also help you prosper, be wealthy and always be lucky in all the things you get involved in. These gemstones play a significant role in stable relationships as they allow open communications and agreements, and you can deal with your disagreements peacefully.

Chakra Association

Ammolite is connected to the root chakra association, while ammonite is connected to two chakras, which are the third eye chakra and the root chakra. The root chakra connects you to the forces of the earth. It is also believed to give you the motivation to carry out your daily duties such as eating, procreating, and working.

This chakra is said to be the root of life. The third eye chakra connects you to the spiritual world and deepens your wisdom, awareness, and perception. It helps you to think critically and make decisions of your own according to what you feel is right.


Zodiac Association

Both ammonites and ammolites are not birthstones as they are a bit of new gemstones, but their zodiac signs have been discovered. They both share the Aquarius, but the ammonite is also connected to cancer. People who are associated with the Aquarius are wise, self-reliant, and optimistic.

Their elementary sign is said to be air as the Aquarians lack a specific form of their behavior. These kinds of people are usually susceptible. On the other hand, the cancers are usually very emotional, erratic, devoted, and show extreme love to those around them. They always defend their loved ones and also their family members.

Element Association

Both gemstones are water elements. As water elements, these gemstones sustain our lives here on earth. They can deal with our emotions, helping us maintain love relationships and friendships. They help to calm down a running mind and thus reduce stress and anxiety.

By so doing, it enables you to keep more focus on the goals ahead. This element enables the gemstones to nurture your emotions, as they can take away negative thoughts. They enable you to keep calm and be at peace with yourself and those around you.

These gemstones are also believed to have cleansing and purifying abilities for both the body and the spirit. It also helps you to become more creative and hence can help you acquire success in content-creating sectors or while working.

It also encourages you to be truthful and speak up your mind no matter how terrifying the truth might sound. This brings positive energy to your home and offices.


Ruling Planet

Ammolites and ammonites are ruled by the planet Uranus. This planet is the one that governs the Aquarius zodiac sign. This is a planet that stimulates innovation, technological developments, and outstanding events that occur every day.

Moreover, ammolites are also said to be governed by mercury. This planet aids in open communications, open minds, and the ability to take in and understand information very fast. People connected to mercury are usually very wise, inquisitive, curious, and highly passionate.

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Numerical Vibration

Ammonite has a numerical vibration of frequency 9. However, the ammolite lacks a specific frequency of its vibration. These vibrations enhance the healing properties of this gemstone. The vibrations facilitate the calming of your mind when you get into contact with this stone and thus enhance your moods.

These vibrations help you to attract more luck and give you a prosperous life. These vibrations work to absorb all the negative energy which would make you make wrong decisions filling your heart with love and positivity. These properties help you to live a stable life with minimal complications.

Best combinations

Ammolite can be combined with rose quartz to protect you and help you during childbirth. It also helps pregnant women so that they do not have miscarriages. It also helps you fight against illnesses when it is combined with gemstones such as blue topaz, Malachite, and tiger’s eye.

The moonstones can be combined with this gemstone to facilitate love and relationships. The moonstone stimulates the heart chakra, improving the love energies. This combination helps you to conquer all barriers which make you not find love. It also makes the involved partners get rid of all insecurities they would be having. It enhances trust. For those who have lost their loved ones, it makes them understand that they cannot hold on forever and that they need to move on and focus on what the future holds.

Ammolites, on the other hand, can be combined with clear quartz to provide clarity and activate your mind. They can also be combined with amethyst so that it can boost your spiritual growth. Jade and ammonite can also be combined to bring luck and prosperity into their life.

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